Matthew Szymanski
Matthew Szymanski
Leader, Artist, Entrepreneur
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About Me:

When I was 12 years old I fell in love with John Williams’s soundtrack to “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.” It was the first time I had ever enjoyed orchestral music. Sensing a thirst for more, my father gave me a CD of Beethoven symphonies. Coming from a family with little history in classical music, the journey that followed through college and conservatory was unlikely. Today I am dedicated to helping others discover their own musical journeys, finding as many ways as possible to introduce people of all ages and backgrounds to a passion for amazing music they may not have otherwise discovered.

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In 2014 I founded Phoenix, the embodiment of that mission. Phoenix performs in social and accessible atmospheres where audiences are invited to experience great music they may not have heard before. I also serve as Cover Conductor of the Portland Symphony Orchestra in Portland, ME. As a conductor, I am passionate about not only creating transformative performances of masterworks that audiences are already familiar with, but also curating programs that introduce them to new music. I believe that inclusivity in programming is essential to providing listeners with incredible experiences and opening their eyes to a wider world of fantastic music.

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In addition to conducting I work full time as Manager of Administration for the Tanglewood Music Center of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. In my spare time I keep up with political news, play video games, and watch sports. I am an avid follower of Notre Dame Football, as well as a season ticket holder for the Boston University Men’s Ice Hockey team. I live in Brookline, MA with my fiancé Amanda and our dog Zoey. I’m active and easy to get in touch with on social media, particularly Twitter, or through my contact page!