New Year, New Site, Same Me

Hey Y’all,

I’ve been feeling iffy about my old website for a long time, so I thought it was finally time for an update! I think the old site just kind of felt like the site you make when you’re studying conducting in grad school and want to get a job. My life now is so much more than that. We’re getting ready to announce Season 6 of Phoenix (!!!), I’m engaged, I have a dog, and a full time job, and yes, I still love video games.

I’m hoping to be able to reflect a little bit more of what’s uniquely me on this site. I’m also hoping that since I’ve abandoned the evil that is Facebook, this blog might give me a chance to share some more thoughts with the world or, at least, vent onto ‘paper’ from time to time about the stuff I’m thinking about.

Not much for now, but here it is!

New Year, New Site, Same Me!


Matthew Szymanski